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The X250.5 you see here was the “improved” version over the highly successful X250. The X250.5 is still a 250W amp with the first 15W in Class A. It still shares the same physical attributes as the previous X250 with long horizontal heat sinks on its side, big steel faceplate and the signature blue power meter display in the front center of the faceplate. And that’s where the similarities end. The X250.5 is a slightly warmer, more refined sounding amp over the X250. It gets even closer to the “tube like” sound but with the added bass slam that is synonymous with solid state amps. Sound staging was wider and deeper in the X250.5 which was already excellent in the X250. So to be even better is something of a monumental achievement. Pass Labs amps have always been a “big” hitter. They like to transform all incoming audio signals to be as bold and real as possible. Which is why, speaker pairing is highly critical. They like to be paired with speakers that can take the punishment meted out by the Pass Labs. The bigger the speaker, the better the enjoyment. This is still one of the best amps out there south of $20,000. It will take you to the edge of high end audio without burning a hole through your wallet.

The amp is in very nice shape. Just minor scuff marks here and there from use but nothing major. We have the original box.  The amp is big and heavy so local pickup is preferred but if shipping is required, it will be securely packed for safe arrival. Freight shipping is not necessary but recommended. See our other listing for the matching X2.5 preamp.