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$1995 Original Price: $6000
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The X-1 is an outstanding preamp. It has an amazing transparency that just opens up the sonic attributes of your system – good or bad. Simplicity was the key here. Clean layout in the back for easy setup and signal path all kept to a minimum. Even the remote only has four buttons – two for volume and two for input selection. This was previously paired with the X250 amp (that we also have for sale) to form one of the best sounding partnership for under $5,000. Built and finish is one of the best in the industry with an “industrial” look and finish. Chassis is an all steel affair and the power supply is kept isolated in its own box. This is a later X-1 version which has a full size chassis power supply that matches the control unit.

Condition of the preamp is very good. Some scuff marks that are typical from use but nothing major. We have the original box, copy of manual and remote. Unit was previously refurbished by Reno Hifi (a Pass Labs authorized refurbished center) which means it has been brought back to original factory spec and any worn out or not performing to spec parts have been replaced. So this unit is good for many more years to come.