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47 Labs has been one of the more exotic brands in hifidom. The Model 4706 is both a power amp that you could drive with a separate preamp or use it as a one input integrated amp (they like to call it a power amp with attenuated volume control). Either way, the 25W you hear from this little powerhouse may be the purest 25W you have ever heard (or at least we did). Barely 6.5″ wide, 4″ deep and 2″ tall, the 4706 has laid claims to several World’s first like (lifted off their website);


  • World’s smallest number of parts – 9 parts per channel( excluding attenuators )
  • World’s shortest signal pass length – 32 m/m ( including the length of parts )
  • World’s shortest NFB loop length – 9 m/m ( including the length of the resistor )
  • World’s smallest filter/condenser – 1000µF, (50W version – 2200µF)
  • Dual mono construction with each channel in a separate chassis.
  • Rigid and compact aluminum chassis construction to release vibrations smoothly.
  • Separate 12-position attenuators for each channel.
  • Can be up-graded into a pair of complete mono amplifiers by adding another Model 4700 Power Humpty.

When we paired with several different brands and types which have a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 89dB and higher, the 4706 didn’t sound like its struggling to provide the power necessary to drive those speakers. In fact, it sounded comfortable, confident. Bass was tight, the mids and highs were clear but even more impressive was its speed. Maybe it had to do with its super short signal path and little parts in its way, but the 4706 was like a bullet train. Signal in, signal out spontaneously. Don’t let this little block of aluminum fool you. The sonic quality from it will rival any amplification out there that cost up to $5,000. We had this side by side with the Pass Labs Aleph 5 and the Monarchy Audio SM-70 with the latter two brands being Class A amps. The results was quite predictable. The Monarchy was out of its league in this grouping. The Aleph 5 had a deeper bass presence but the 4706 had better transparency and pace. If your speakers are more current hungry, go for the Aleph 5. But if they can run on 25W and are transparent sounding and relishes the purest of signals, the 4706 is probably the best piece to put your $1,200 on. However, if you invest into a second 4700 power Humpty, that raises the power output of the 4706 to 50W per channel. You will then get the same transparency and pace but with double the power. The 4706 will only accept speaker cables with spades so if your speaker cables are terminated with bananas, you would need to spade to banana adapter.

Cosmetically, the amp looks good. Minor scuff marks here and there and a few tiny nicks but nothing major. We have the original box for both the 4706 and 4700 power Humpty and they will be securely packed for safe shipping. Stand for the power Humpty was something the previous owner made.