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The 4705 Progression DAC is one of the purest sounding DAC on the market. When paired with the Flatfish transport, they become an unbeatable duo of musical purity. And when 47 Labs up the ante with the release of the PiTracer transport (costing about four times more than the Flatfish at $25,000 MSRP), they had to “up” the prowess of the Progression DAC which led to the release of the Gemini you see here. The Gemini version is pretty much the same but “split” into a duo mono design. So each channel now runs on its own separate power “grid”. You could, like in this example here, have it powered by one 4799 Power Dumpty or if you have another $2,250 to splash, buy two 4799 and have each channel run by its own dedicated Power Dumpty. The Progression Gemini DAC stills stands by its claim as the shortest signal path DAC – 1.4″ and the least amount of parts (around 20) use in any DAC (which makes this one one heck of an expensive DAC!). There are no filters in its analog and digital sections and all incoming digital signals are automatically read as 32 KHz or 44 KHz and 48 KHz with a 24-bit 96 KHz signal conversion. Buying this DAC is not the sum of its parts but rather the intricate, wholesome sound it reproduces. There is this organic whole fullness to its sound that just draws you (for us at least) back to it. There is no artificially perfected music reproduction that you hear from some of the more expensive DAC but an honest, back to goodness sound. Digital input is via the single coaxial input with a pair of coaxial analog outputs. The Progression Gemini is very picky with the digital cables used so pls make sure you have a true 75 ohm digital cable in place when connecting your transport to the DAC.

Cosmetically, the it looks good. A few tiny nicks and scratches (mainly on the under belly of the Power Dumpty where the aluminum spindle footers can scratch it if you happen to move the Power Dumpty over it) here and there from use but nothing major. Both units will be securely packed for safe shipping.