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Here we have the smaller brother to the CNAMPX-16x60W multi-channel amp. Power output per channel is still the same at 60W in 8 ohm and 90W in 4 ohm and when bridged, power rockets up to 220W per channel into 6 channels (optional bridging kit – CNXBPMO needed) . The only difference is that this unit is a 12-channel amp versus 16-channel in the other model. Both are physically the same size with one minor consolation – the 12×60 is 9 lbs lighter at 81 lbs. Bulk of the weight of this monster amp is it huge twin toroidal transformer that supplies all the necessary “juice” into the speakers. From a power perspective, the Crestron is an impressive amp. It is not your run of the mill power amp where it just amplifies the sound. This would do proudly in any stereo setup or home theater system where sound quality is a key measure.

Cosmetically, the amp looks fair. Minor scuff marks here and there and a few tiny nicks/dings but nothing major. We do not have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.