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This is a real bundle of joy. The Halo P-7 is an understatement piece at its $2,300 MSRP because it sounds so good. It will even rival anything that cost up to $4,000. Its feature packed, loads of flexibility and solidly built. The almost spartan front face is a result of clever design where the few buttons pretty much provide access and controls for the whole preamp. And that is how the P-7 sounded – a clean transparent sound that just exposes the ability of your source unit and power amp. Its almost like an empty vessel that just passes the signals along with little influence over it. This is a great preamp for the starting audiophile who wants to jump right into the mid-fi category and assemble a killer $5,000 system. The P-7 will be the component to start building a system around it. In the mid-fi category, the P-7, in our book, sits with the best at the top of the category.

Cosmetically, the P-7 is in great shape. Just minor scuff marks here and there, nothing major. We have the original manual and remote and will securely pack it for safe shipping. This is a current model in Parasound’s lineup.