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$495 Original Price: $4000
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If you are looking for a great sounding preamp that does an excellent duty as a two channel stereo pre and a non-HDMI AV pre with some serious chops, the Halo C2 might just be the ticket for you. Inputs and outputs are aplenty on the Halo C2 and will just about handle anything except HDMI. Sonically, it is a great sounding unit. As a two channel stereo preamp and at under $500 now, it easily rivals anything out there that can cost up to $2,000. We pitch it against the its more expensive brethren, the JC2 preamp (that we also have for sale in a separate listing) and walked away even more respected with its ability. At just $500 cheaper than the JC2, there were obviously some compromises but the C2 made up for it by offering greater flexibility without too much sacrifices on its sound. In fact, its offering of BNC outputs are a display of its seriousness in offering not just stellar two channel but also 7.1 channel sound. As an all-rounder hifi gear, this is an excellent buy (in our opinion) now for under $500.

Cosmetically, the Halo C2 is in great shape. Just minor scuff marks here and there, nothing major. We have the original manual and remote and will securely pack it for safe shipping.