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This is the phono preamp for the cartridge junkie. With a variable impedance controller on the rear panel that allows the user to adjust anything from 50 to 550 ohms, you could own a variety of MC cartridges and never have to worry if the Parasound has a corresponding value to match your cartridge. Unlike the older JC 3 phono stage (also an Absolute Sound recommended component) which only offered three fixed settings – 47k ohm MC, MM and 100 ohm MC, the JC 3+ now offers a fixed 47k ohm MC, MM and a variable 50-550 ohm. So there is tremendous flexibility now to try out various MC cartridges. Each channel is also individually isolated to ensure no “cross contamination of EF” and ensure superior sound reproduction. This is still a current model in Parasound’s lineup.

Cosmetically, the JC 3+ is in nice shape. A touched up scratch on the front faceplate and minor light scratches elsewhere. We don’t have the original box and manual (available online) but will securely pack this for safe shipping.