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The budget priced HCA-500 was a mini bargain at $335 MSRP. It was well built with a pretty decent sound. The conservative 50W at 8 ohms can go up to 75W at 4 ohms which is more than enough for the typical budget-fi system and the typical budget price speakers that is found in such systems. If you are looking for an amp to be the power dynamo in a budget-fi system or a secondary system, the HCA-500 should be on your consideration list. No melodrama here. Just good clean sound. It is not the last word in “reference” sound amp (how can it be at $335?) but in the less demanding environment of a sub-$1,500 system, the HCA-500 will serve admirably. This particular unit was recently serviced and checked out. The output transistors and resistors were replaced due to age so it will now perform for many more years to come.

This unit has the rack handle on the front which is very useful when you need to move the amp onto a rack. Cosmetically, it has some scuff marks and tiny knicks here and there but nothing major.┬áThe amp looks pretty good overall. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe arrival.┬áManual is available online.