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For under $1000 retail, the Parasound HCA-1500A is an amazingly value for money stereo amp. It offers 205W per channel in 8 ohms and 315W in 4 ohms with a thumping 630W when used in mono. Add THX certification and a solid built quality, this amp is a clear winner on just its spec sheet alone. But add a well heeled sound to it and its an unbeatable value of an amp.

Sound quality of the HCA-1500A is clearly in the mid range category. Highs were detailed but a bit sharp depending on the tweeter used. Mid-range was precise but not as warm sounding as say, a McIntosh amp but it was nicely rounded with a good weight on the mid-bass. It has more body than a comparable Japanese amp in the same price range so it was definitely a plus for the Parasound. Bass was deep but not as tight sounding as we would like but it still exceeded our expectation of an under $1000 amp. All in all, a very good sounding amp that has an impressive spec sheet that delivered more than its asking price. A clear best buy.

We don’t have the original box but securely pack this for safe arrival. Some minor scuff marks which are mainly on the left side of the unit (see picture) but overall is in pretty good condition. Manual is available online at