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The Halo P3 is a budget priced killer preamp. At $800 MSRP, it was quite a bargain with the amount of features it offer and the sound quality you get. It may not rival preamps that cost $3,000 or more but for the under $1,000 category, this is a rock star. Compared to our other budget price Parasound preamp, the Z-Pre, the Halo P3 is a much better preamp. Its sonically smoother, had better transparency and definition and a fuller soundstage. It definitely has a lot more features which you can enjoy like the two pairs of direct inputs (XLR and RCA), a MM phono input, four line inputs and two outputs (XLR and RCA). We also have the matching A23 power amp that was paired with this preamp by the previous owner. So if you are interested in getting them together, contact us for a combo deal.

Cosmetically, the Parasound is in great shape. Just minor scuff marks here and there, nothing major. A universal remote (that retails for around $300) is included. Manual can be found online. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.