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If deep, deep bass is what you relish, the Paradigm Studio SUB 12 you see here will easily fulfill that desire. Rated to go down to 16Hz, the SUB 12 can deliver some serious room shaking bass that is clean and tight. Some lesser subs can sound “lumpy” at that low level but not the Paradigm. Obviously, its onboard 1,700W RMS amplifier helps ensure it stays stable at peak levels but when demand calls for, that amp can peak at 3,400W. Controls on the rear panel allows you to integrate the sub to your main speakers at various levels up to 150Hz. So this sub will easily pair with the smallest of monitor speakers to the largest of floorstanders. Physically, the sub is about 17.5″ tall, 16″ wide and 21.5″ deep. Corner placement worked for us in our showroom but you may want to experiment in your own setting in finding the best spot to fill the room with its pounding bass.

Cosmetically, the sub is in very nice shape. Lightly use in a second system and comes with original packaging.