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If you look closely at the pics, you will wonder just like us, how did they manage to make something so beautiful for under $400. This kind of affordability is extremely rare for something that does not have a “Made in China” label on the back. But Chario Hifi is unlike most hifi companies. They have their own woodwork factory and makes their own drivers in-house in Italy so that will easily take a big chunk of the cost out from the retail price. The Syntar 505 center speaker has a a 1″ aluminum dome tweeter and two 5″ Double Flex Polymeric woofers. Frequency response is 85 Hz to 20 KHz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 89dB. Manufacturer recommends an amp with a power output of 120W. Speaker is more of a mid-size center channel with an 18″ width, 8.5″ height and 9″ depth. Soundwise, this is as good as any center speaker that sells for up to $500. Bass was adequate for its size of drivers and cabinet with very good transparency and detail retrieval.

Cosmetically, the speaker is in pretty nice shape. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Grille cloth has one tiny spot of wrinkle (right in the middle bottom of the frame) but no tears or holes.¬†We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.