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We recently got a few of these cables from Japan because we tried one a few weeks back and came away very impressed with it. One thing we have come to learn about Japanese cables are their high purity PC-OCC cable does sound cleaner and more transparent than other similarly spec PC-OCC cable. Their high level quality standards plays a big role in this and its pretty evident when their cables are used. In this GPX-R V2 cable, Oyaide raised the bar on PC-OCC by developing their own 102 SSC Ultra Pure Special Surface Copper. We tried the cable with several components and find that it works best with CD players, DACs, preamps and moderately powered amps (80W and below).

The cable is essentially new and fresh from Japan. Cable will be shipped in its original box. We have seen some sellers in Japan selling the same cable to US consumers for almost $1,000! And you still have to wait 3-5 days shipping transit time. Whereas we have it in stock now and ready to go within a day! Limited quantity left though!