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If you have a pair of monoblocks that needs some solid “footing” to isolate them off the ground and keep unwanted vibrations at bay, the Osiris amp stands you see here will do it. Its a pretty heavy duty stand that was crafted to take on big and heavy amps. This was previously used under a pair of Krell KAS-2 monoblocks that if you are familiar with, is a huge and heavy pair of amps. The amp stands have huge spikes that are 2″ tall and the height of the stand is 3″ so total elevated height is 5″. Width is 14″ and depth is 20″. Each amp stand weighs 43 lbs and can be further sand or lead filled via an access hole on the rear to increase the weight and damping of the stands.

Cosmetically, the amp stands look good. Some scuff marks, scratches and knicks from use which is typical of stands that will be sitting under huge and heavy amps. Looks like it had a paint refresh previously. Each stand will be shipped separately on its own so it will be a two box shipment.