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Little known outside Japan, this was taken out from an audiophile’s private collection that was like the Smithsonian of exotic hi-fi pieces. It is completely hand made in Japan and uses four ECC-83 tubes for its analog output stage. Naturally, this is a very analog sounding DAC. No digital harshness, just liquid smooth sound. In fact, it sounded a little too rich in the mid-range so if you currently have a pair of speakers that are already very warm sounding, this might make it even warmer. This was originally paired with speakers that either had horn drivers or speakers using full range drivers like Fostex. ¬†With those speakers, there was a nice balance on the sharpness and the warmth. Resolution was pretty good with a nice width and depth. Vocals was simply gorgeous. We had the unit paired with a pair of Focal Alto Utopias and B&Ws and they were magical sounding.

Wooden casing can be removed if you prefer a more non-vintage look but we think it is more symbolic of the warm sounding nature of the DAC if you leave it on. Some scuff marks on the wooden casing which is typical from use but still looks very good overall. Inside is nice and clean with a beautiful layout. Being a Japanese domestic version, this runs in 100V. We will include a brand new 500W step down (120V to 100v) voltage converter for free.