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When it comes to audio products from Switzerland, they never fail to disappoint. Just take a look at FM Acoustics, CH Prescision, Audio Consulting, Stenheim, Zellation etc. Switzerland is like the Mecca of super high end audio. Take this pair of 350W monoblocks from Orpheus Labs. Massive in size (almost 24″ wide and deep) and weighing close to 220 lbs, the 350 Monos pumps out a massive 350W per channel. They have been compared very favorably to much more expensive offerings from FM Acoustics and we concur. The level of precision, accuracy and detail is just ridiculous. They make some “other” so-called, reference amps sound “budget level”. A top class preamp, source and speakers are a must to fully enjoy the prowess of the amps. Anything less, you are just wasting the ability of the amps.

Cosmetically, the amps look really good. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original crates and shipping them would require freight service. Contact us for a freight quote. Local pickup in Queens, NY can be arranged.