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The Alexandria turntable was like the dream setup for the vinyl enthusiast on a budget. Compared to the newer model Paris, that we just sold, the Alexandria was a lot of turntable for the $1,600 MSRP asking price when compared to the $4,600 Paris. The Paris has better materials in its build but its really marginal. The Alexandria on the other hand is a much heavier table. And to a certain degree, better engineered (in our opinion). The turntable even as a transport locking design that is quite ingenious and very useful when it needs to be shipped. It is currently fitted with the Prelude arm and Sumiko’s LMX MC cartridge. Like all used turntables that we sell, we strongly encourage the new buyer/owner to have a new cartridge to replace the one that comes with it. The Sumiko on this Alexandria works fine now but it should be coming to the end of its life soon.

Sonically, this turntable is a strong example why vinyl is making a strong comeback. In its current setup, you can’t miss the analog sound it brings to the party. Totally enjoyable and yet so affordable. The Sumiko LMX was just a $200 MSRP cartridge from the 80s so can you imagine installing one of the newer $1,000 – $1,800 MC cartridge? That will make the Alexandria a game changer! Oracle wall wart power supply is rated for 100-240V so this turntable can be used anywhere in the World.

Cosmetically, the table is in very nice shape. Local pickup from our store preferred but if shipping is required, it will be securely packed for safe shipping.