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The Onkyo T-909 is a rarely seen tuner. When it first appeared in the late Seventies at a retail price of $950, it got quite a stirring in the market. Not only was it pricey but it has some pretty unique features. Namely, how it presets and how the seven radio stations are stored on the tuner. Internally, it had a complex array of electronics to draw out the best FM signal possible. We were able to draw a pretty strong signal with an Audioprism indoor antenna and was quite impress with the way it sounded. It is not in the same league as other modern day $1000 FM tuners, but it is very good for a tuner that is crossing past 30 years old.

Cosmetically, it looks pretty good. Minor scuff marks and knicks that are common with vintage gear but nothing major. Wood case looks much better than some earlier ones we have seen. We don’t have the original box or manual but will securely pack this for safe shipping.