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The budget audiophile would be spoilt for choice with this P-301 from Onkyo. Loads of inputs, tone controls if you ever need them, pretty good phono stage (MM), solid built quality and a reputation for reliability makes you wonder if its $300 MSRP was a misprint. Previous owner had this paired with the M-501 power amp (also for sale in a separate listing) with other Onkyo source units for a full Onkyo-only system. For the money, it was a pretty impressive assembly of quality gear that really transform the sound of his system for a total price tag of just under $2,000. We were almost fooled into thinking the system cost much more because it sounded so good. With the Epos 11 speakers, the P-301 and M-501 combo brought out a smoothness, transparency and refinement that we use to hear from pre/power combos costing $1,500 or more. The P-301 is not going to topple an Audio Research Reference 3 preamp but for $120 now, you will be missing a great deal if this is not your shortlist if you are shopping for a preamp. Motorized volume knob may need a little bit of lubrication when raising the level (but dead quiet when coming down) but works perfectly otherwise.

Cosmetically, the unit looks very good. One very careful owner since new. We don’t have the original box but have the manual and manual. We will have the unit securely pack for safe shipping.