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This isĀ one power amp that will warm the hearts of many budget audiophile. Made in Japan quality, 150W per channel and a really good sound separates this and other used power amps that sells for the same $150. When paired with the matching P-301 preamp (also for sale in a separate listing), you would have a $700 pre/power combo that really challenges the classification of “budget hifi”. This combo was especially popular with the audiophile who wants a simple system (typically with a digital source and/or a turntable and a pair of monitor speakers) where the Onkyo really shines with its natural musical talent. Its not as warm sounding as a comparable NAD power amp but it is more transparent and had a bit more refinement and definition. Its 150W per channel in 8 ohms was no slouch and was quite capable of driving some fairly current hungry speakers in our store without any kind of strain.

Cosmetically, the unit looks very good. One very careful owner since new. We don’t have the original box but have the manual and will have the unit securely pack for safe shipping.