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This is a slightly “pumped up” model over the DTR-4.6 that we had sold. The DTR-5.8 have seven channels (the DTR-4.6 is only five channls) with each channel capable of 90W continuous with a maximum output of 175W in all seven channel. If you are looking for a budget AV receiver that has all the basic processing (DTS, DD), can drive seven┬áspeakers with a decent amount of power and sound through each channel, a breeze to setup and don’t cost more than $150, this is it. Even if you don’t intent to use this as a AV receiver, it is quite impressive as a two channel amplifier too. So it is quite a bargain when it does a very decent job as a stereo amp and as a five channel home theater amp.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Some scuff marks/light scratches here and there. Nothing major. We don’t have the original box but have the remote. Manual is available online. Unit will be securely pack for safe shipping.