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The 8120 tube power amp, like the 3100 preamp is another thing of beauty from Zanden. With 100W on tap, the 8120 is one of the more visceral sounding tube amplifier under $30,000. When paired with the 3100 and through the Zingali speakers we have in the store, the Zanden is all emotions and its ability to inject “life” into the music. Some amps play music, the Zanden injects life into it. Speaker pairing is critical to extracting out the best from the Zanden. Built and finish is just pure artisan. From the front, it looks like a giant frosted cube of ice but within it lies a truly musical marvel.

Tube complements on the 8120 is four KT-120 and four 12AU7 tubes. This unit has the optional XLR input installed so if your system is running on full XLR mode, this will be perfect for you. Cosmetically, the unit looks very good. Very minor scuff marks/ from use but nothing major. One previous owner from new! Due to the weight and size of the packaging, the 8120 is local pickup from our store or it will ship freight, strap on a pallet. Contact us for a freight quote if you need one.