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If a feature packed stereo receiver with an affordable price tag is what you are looking for, the DTM-40.4 is the ideal component. With an Ethernet input on the rear panel, a USB input in the front for your iPod and the usual RCA ins and outs, the DTM-40.4 is like your one-stop audio amp for streaming capability and your usual line input components, MM phono and video devices etc. Sound quality is actually very good for the money. With a robust 80W per channel in 8 ohm and 100W into 6 ohm, the amp will drive just about most budget or mid-price speakers with ease (unless it is a very current hungry speaker). It is not as smooth and warm sounding as a NAD integrated but it has clean detailed lines across the frequency range. Tone controls on the front allows for adjustment on the LF and HF which is more than adequate to balance things out in your system.

Cosmetically, the unit looks fair. Some scuff marks/light scratches here and there and a bit of glue residue on the front display panel from a remote sensor previously placed there. A good spray over with a can of paint should conceal the scratches on the top panel. We don’t have the original box but have an Onkyo remote that works with it. Manual is available online. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.