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The Integra DPS-5.5 DVD player is first and foremost a DVD player first and music player (regular CDs) second. Through its component video out, DVDs had a great picture quality and sound. As a CD player for music, it wasn’t too bad for a $50 player but the star was its rendering of movies from DVDs. Really awesome for a $50 player. Much better than our other $50 or so DVD player from Marantz that we recently sold.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Minor scuff marks here and there on the side panels but faceplate (a bit of glue residue from a remote sensor being pasted) and top of the chassis is nice and clean. We don’t have the original box and manual (available online) and an Integra remote control (controls most basic functions) is included. Unit will be securely pack for safe shipping.