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If you ask me, the DV-SP1000 is every bit as good as the RDV-1.1 multi format player we just sold. It is still extremely well built with a solid brushed aluminum body and a very smooth transport mechanism. Sound and picture quality is well deserving of its flagship badge it carries under the Onkyo brand. At half the price of the Integra badge RDV-1.1, the DV-SP1000 is a steal. It was very difficult to discern which is better. The DV-SP1000 has almost all the bells and whistles typically found in high end AV players with the added bonus of being THX Ultra certified. Which is like the industry’s top honor roll.

Cosmetically, it looks really good. Minor scuff marks here and there and a few tiny knicks along the edges, nothing major. Remote is included and one of the rubber seal on the “enter” button is missing (no issue with function though). Original box included.