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Omicron, for those who are uninitiated, is a specialty accessory designer and manufacturer based out of Italy. They make some of the more premium isolation/ vibration control products that are found in the hifi industry. The Cable Holder Evolution you see here is their latest design for 2019. It is designed to lift your speaker cables off the floor and isolate it from unwanted vibrations and is a setup that is made up of two parts – the Cable Holder Classic and the Stabilizer Classic. The Stabilizer Classic is the round isolation disc you see in the picture where it is essentially two pieces on its own that is secured together with three gold plated steel balls that sits between those two pieces. The Stabilizer Classic has a similar strategy like that of other vibration control accessories where it absorbs unwanted vibration and dissipates it away by “rocking” it down and away through its gold steel balls. The Cable Holder Classic is the “tower” that is screwed into the Stabilizer Classic. It has a “cap” on the top which you would remove to put your cables in (into the groove) and then re-cap it to secure it. When affixed to the Stabilizer Classic, your cables would be sitting 6″ off the floor (if it used on speaker cables). Omicron has used Delrin polymer as the base material which is renowned for its inert composition.

The pair you see here was part of an original purchase of two pairs which the customer only ended up using one pair since it was more than sufficient to lift his 6ft speaker cables. So this “extra” pair is essentially NEW and never been used. We just took one set out to assemble it for the pics you see here. We have the original boxes for it.