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Octave Audio’s HP 300 SE tube preamp is their middle lineup model which has gotten positive reviews Worldwide.┬áThe unit you see here is in absolutely gorgeous shape. Very careful previous owner moved up to the HP 500 SE so this is for sale now. It has the optional MC phono installed which like the line input board, is tube based. The phono board uses a single 12AT7 tube while the line input board uses 1x 12AT7 and 1x 6922 tubes. Life span of these tubes are typically five or more years so plenty of life left.

The HP 300 SE with its outbard power supply is a different kind of animal when compared to a similarly price Audio Research Reference 3 preamp. Both offer a very refreshing sound with the HP 300 SE sounding a bit more refine. The Reference 3 was a bit more “bolder” sounding but both had the unmistakable warm mid-range and sweet highs that top notch tube preamps deliver in spades. Unlike less costly tube preamps, the HP 300 SE is a class act above that category of tube preamps. Built quality is at a higher standard and the sonic delivery is a day and night difference.

We have the original packaging and manual. Remote control was upgraded to the touch screen universal model which the previous owner used it to control his other components. But like the original volume only remote of the HP 300 SE, the touch screen model also only operates the volume.