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The HP 500 SE tube preamp you see here was a limited production run preamp from Octave Audio where only 100 pcs were made. And with a production number of 001/100, this is the first piece to roll off the production line! Although only 100 pcs are circulating around the World, it has not stop it from creating a big ruckusĀ  in the high end preamp stage where it has won many accolades around the World for its open, natural sound. It was impressively quiet and almost opaque black in the background. The detail retrieval is top notch especially through its phono stage where it rivaled some really good stand alone phono stages. You can hook up two turntables if you are running one with a MC cartridge and the other with a MM cartridge and switch between the two via a toggle switch on the rear. The Input Impedance of the MM input is 47 k Ohm; the MC Input is adjustable between 37 to 500 Ohmsinternally. Gain of the MC Section is 80dB. With line sources, the HP 500 SE exhibited the same level of sonic “excellence” where CD playback delivered a solid performance. Tube complements areĀ 1 x ECC 82 in the input stage and 2 x EF 184 in the output stage.

Cosmetically, the preamp looks very good. Just minor scuff marks typical with use and a few very tiny nicks along the edges. We have the original box, remote and a copy of the manual. Remote is a very minimalist piece where it only adjusts the volume level.