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The legendary Primadonna speakers from Ensemble was one of the more highly regarded speakers from the late Nineties. With a Gorlich 4.75″ woofer and a 0.75″ soft dome tweeter, the 45″ tall, 14″ wide and 19″ deep floorstander is a tower of musical excellence. Soundstaging was wide and deep with an intimately engaging 3D image when the speakers are positioned optimally and driven with a good source and amp unit. The speakers can go surprisingly deep (with its internal chamber design boosting its bottom end) even though the driver is a modest 4.75″ size. With vocals and jazz, they are unbeatable at this price point. They are not difficult to drive (nominal impedance of 6 ohm and a sensitivity of 89/90 dB (?)). We tried Cary Audio’s CAD-805AE (50W) and ASR’s Emitter II Exclusive (280W) with them and the Primadonna’s were sonically mesmerizing. Speakers are solidly made and weighs almost 75 lbs each and will take in banana plugs or speakon connectors.

These speakers have a cult like following amongst audiophiles where many of them have made them their mainstay speakers. Which is hard to argue otherwise since they sound so good! Cosmetically, the speakers are in good shape for their vintage. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. One the grille cover frame is cracked but still stays in place when mounted on (they are mounted on with velcro) and is barely noticeable. There are a few wear spots on the grille covers. Local pickup from our store preferred or they will be strapped on a pallet and shipped as freight.