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The Model 192 is not a standard designed CD transport. It is not as wide as most contemporary CD transports/players and definitely much shallower than most. Its depth is just slightly longer than the size of a CD jewel case but weighs pretty hefty for its physical dimensions. Much of the focus has been on its inside dynamics of the transport. Using a Philips CD PRO-2 transport mechanism under a manual sliding door cover, it is a unique approach from the regular sliding tray or mechanically operated top cover. By keeping it simple, the machine has less “useless” parts and processes that will erode its sound quality. And that is where this CD transport is a dream machine for under $3000.

Via its RJ45 cable (I2S standard) the CD transport will feed its matching USB DAC 32 (also for sale here in a separate listing) an upsampled any 16/44 digital signal to 24/192 as it enters the DAC. If using the AES/EBU digital output, it will only upsample to 24/96.

Through the USB DAC 32, music is especially smooth and lush. No digital harshness and detail retrieval is excellent. Highly recommended on its own as a CD transport but should be paired together with its USB DAC 32 for optimum performance. Comes with original remote and I2S cable. Unit will be packaged securely in generic boxes for shipping.