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The Dreamcaster is second from the top under Nordost’s WyreWizard series of cables. It features four solid core conductors that are silver plated which in our opinion, sounded just as good as the Heimdall under the Norse series. The Heimdall also features four solid core conductors that are also silver plated (albeit at a higher concentration level) but at more than five times the price of the Dreamcaster, our money goes to the Dreamcaster. Sure the Heimdall justifies its higher asking price because it uses better parts and materials¬† (like WBT plugs), but when measured at the common denominator – sound quality, the Dreamcaster is the value proposition winner. It has similar qualities of clarity, sparkle with the Heimdall with just a tad less smoothness which we really strained hard to hear it. At $130 MSRP, its an amazing cable at that price. At $65 now, its a steal.

Cables were former demo pieces. They look really good cosmetically with just minor scuffs from being used as demos. We don’t have the original packaging but will will securely pack it for safe shipping.