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The Flatine series has been Nordost’s best selling budget price cable. And the Super Flatline is the “Flat series” range topping copper based model. The Blue Heaven is the model after it where it is the base model for the next model range of cables where they all silver plated (like the Red Dawn, Heimdall, Frey etc). Which also means they start going up in price too. To take things in perspective, a 3m Blue Heaven pair is $610 and goes all the way to the Frey which retails for $2,400 for the same 3m pair. The difference between the Super Flatline and the model just under it, the Flatline, is the number of conductors. The Flatline has 8 conductors while the Super Flatline has 16. Like the Flatline, the Super Flatline displayed incredible speed, tenacity and detail. It has slightly more presence and the bass and mids a bit heavier sounding.  The cable you see here was previously paired to a center channel speaker. We have the stereo pair in another listing that came from the same system. Contact us for a package price if you want to get all three cables together.

Cosmetically, the cable is in good shape with the usual signs of use and some crimp marks on the bananas. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.