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This is a NOS (New Old Stock) piece from a dealer that recently closed. It doesn’t look like its been used before. We have used a few of these before and they have been good to their claim of reducing noise floor, improved dynamics etc. The eight outlets are lined up in a straight line with a generous amount of space between them. This proved to be very useful when using thick gauge AC cords as compared to other other conditioners that has dual level outlets on the back which can be tight and typically with thicker gauge AC cords, they are also heavier. So that adds a lot of stress on the plug end and its connection the side facing outlet.

Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping. They are sold without AC cords (to give the buyer the freedom to choose what he/she wants) but if you plan to do a package buy with one of our other AC cords for sale, contact us for a package deal.