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Do not be mistaken with this and its other more “regular” LCR Reference center speaker that has a dome tweeter instead of the ribbon tweeter you see here. This is reference level center channel speaker in action. In this league, there are only a handful of brands/models that are worthy to be members of this exclusive league. Once you pop this speaker into your home theater setup, you would quickly realize how much you have been missing out (unless of course you already own one of the other league members – Wilson Audio Watch or Focal Utopia Be Center). Music soundtracks were particularly refreshing with its accurate portrayal and not just the typical loud “bash” you get from other center speakers. Instruments were clearly placed and vocals were amazingly holographic when partnered with comparable left and right speakers. In fact, the Nola LCR Reference might even put the left and right speakers to shame if they are not of comparable standards. That is how good the Nola is.

Cosmetically, the speaker look really good. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. The grille cover looks good with one small wear along the edge. We left the supporting brace on the speaker for pictures so that you will know the speaker will arrive safely. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe arrival.