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Nirvana Audio was kind of a “boutique” manufacturer where they were quietly producing some very high “value” cables. The S-X Ltd was a mid-price cable but with very high intentions. Stereophile Magazine gave have them a “Very highly recommended” rating which we endorse wholeheartedly. The cable is an excellent choice if you want a cable to peel away the layers in your system and give it a more revealing sound. You might not notice at first (we didn’t) but after 30-45 mins of listening, you will hear how quiet the background is, how uncolored the cable is and how open it sounded. Bass, mids and highs were well defined and placed in the soundstage it presented. Its not an overly bright cable and adapted well with a variety of mixed components we had it paired with.

Cosmetically, the cable is in great shape. Some scuff marks from use but nothing major. Cable will be securely packed for safe shipping.