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These are no ordinary 845 tube monoblocks. They are exquisitely crafted, built with some of the best materials found on earth and just a joy to use and listen to. When we had this paired with its flagship preamp – the Absolute MKIII ($12,000 MSRP), they are absolutely one of the best sounding pre/power combos, if not the best, in the $50 – $60,000 category. They are zero-feedback based, pure Class A circuitry with dual 845 tubes in its output stage that are run in parallel, single ended configuration. When we had them paired to a pair of Avantgarde Trios, in a fairly large room, this combo nailed it for its incredible transparency, full scale presentation, depth and bass slam. Classical music, jazz and vocals has never been more real (in our opinion) than through this setup. It was just simply breathtaking. Although rated at only 50W per channel, they never sounded anything like a “typical” 50W amp would and when paired with the right set of speakers, will sound louder and larger than its conservative numbers may suggest. In fact, on its manual, the manufacturer confidently declared that their amps would drive any speakers in the marketplace.

The 845 SE monoblocks are massive amps. Each amp is more than 200lbs in weight, almost 2 ft deep, 14″ wide and 10″ tall. Tube complements for each amp are two 5R4GY tubes (in the power supply), two 845 tubes (power output), two 5687 tubes (drivers) and two ECC83 tubes (input signal). So in terms of running cost, these amps are actually cheaper to run than say, an Audio Research monoblocks that uses sixteen 6550 tubes (for example). Unless of course you decide on some ultra exotic 845 tubes that can cost thousands of dollars. Each amp also has dual speaker outputs on the back. This is to facilitate bi-amping of your speakers.

The amps you see here were lightly used demo units. It is in excellent shape with original boxes, manual, remote and factory supplied tubes. Due to their weight and size, they will have to ship freight.