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At $1,500, the Pathos Aurium headphone amp sits among a small number of headphone amps that command such a premium price tag. But if you own a pair of top notch headphones, you would want to get this to fully enjoy the sound quality of your headphones. This was previously used with a pair of Focal Elear headphones (also for sale in a separate listing) and when they were used together, it was like having a pair of Focal speakers right next to your ears. Incredible amount of details with a warm smooth delivery and sweetly rolled off highs. Spatial imaging was very good and when you closed your eyes, you are welcomed with this well placed soundstage “in front” of you. The Pathos has a power output of 3.6W in 32 ohms, which is fairly considerable when it is only powering up a pair of headphones. Built quality is first class and with a “Made in Italy” tag, the Aurium distinguishes itself from the competition. Plus, it has inputs for up to four devices (one of them being a tape loop) with one set of input and output in XLRs!

As you can see from the pictures, it is in excellent shape with original box, manual and factory supplied EH6922 tubes. External power supply has an input voltage of 100-240V so it can be used anywhere in the World.