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These were former top level cables from NBS. The cables are design and built where the positive and negative runs are individually “packed” in its own shielding and protective fiber braiding. The Positive run is a thicker gauge over the negative run so don’t jump to the conclusion that the wrong cable was packed together. There is a reasoning behind this “madness” which you can read about it on the web. Which you would come to understand (like we did) when you have the cables wire up in your system. The usual blacker than black background that has been one of the signatures behind NBS cables allowed the cables to be more opened, detailed and full bodied. It does demand a lot in terms of speaker and amp pairing so some careful matching is required. In the right system, it lives up to its reputation as one of the better reference cables for under $25,000. The pair you see here was previously paired to a pair of Krell monoblocks and the Wilson Grand Slamm speakers.

This cable had one previous owner in NYC from new. Cosmetically, the cables look really good. It does show some signs of wear from the years of use but nothing major. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping