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The RX-505 is a unique cassette deck where its auto reverse feature rotates the entire cassette instead of rotating the tape head. So its more of a spectacle when you hit the auto reverse button when compared to other decks. Sonically, its every bit Nakamichi. On well recorded cassettes, the music is as good as any CD player in the same price range. It may not have the dark quiet background of a CD but a good recorded soundtrack on metal tape will make it hard to differentiate between the two.

Cosmetically, the unit is in great shape. Minor scuff marks and a few small knicks (previous owner touched up with a sharpie) along the edges but nothing major. The unit was recently serviced and calibrated at a service center in NYC. New belts replaced the old ones so its good to go. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Manual is available online.