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This may have been a set combo (with the MC-1000 cartridge) when Nakamichi was selling them but you can use this with any MC cartridges that have an impedance rating of 2-20 ohm. Gain is 26 dB. The MCB-100 can be paired to two turntables using different MC cartridges and can be toggled between them by just flipping the switch on the front. Other toggle switch is the “boost” and “direct (no boost)”. This is a very useful device for upping the signal level on your MC cartridge. We are including the MC-1000 cartridge (at no additional cost) which is in need of a cantilever replacement as the original cantilever has worn out.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Some scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.