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The MB-8 is a CD changer with hidden talents. Unlike some CD changers from SONY, Pioneer etc where they try to impress by packing the “numbers” – 250 disc changer, 500 disc changer, the Nakamichi only packs 5 disc. It operates very much like a CD changer you would find in an Audi, Mercedes vehicle where you hit the slot number to insert or eject a disc. And when that is all done and you hit the play button, the Nakamichi will sing like an “audiophile” CD player. We had this installed in one of our system which also had an Esoteric CD player (that cost $8,000) and our customers thought they were listening to the Esoteric when in reality, it was the Nakamichi. The Rotel 5-disc changer that we just sold was comparable in sound (smoother and more relaxed but less energetic sounding) but not as well engineered as the Nakamichi.

If you are an audiophile that is not playing the “brand” game and want an affordable player that will bring you closer to audio nirvana, this might be the cheapest CD changer ticket that takes you there. We have the original remote and will securely pack this for safe shipping. This player was a “B” stock unit due to a small corner blemish on the right side of the unit. Its really not noticeable unless you look for it or feel your hands over it.