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This is no where near the 1000 ZXL or Dragon but for a lot less money, you are still getting one heck of a deck for under $500. Controls and settings are so much more intuitive and easy to use. This has the digital display panel and was part of a cassette deck collection that a customer sold to us (more highly sought after cassette decks to be listed soon!). The tape selection “stick” has part of its tip broken off but is still usable with a small screwdriver or using your fingertip’s nail. Unit was fully checked out and is being currently being used in one of our systems. This is one of the better sounding decks we have used in a while. Unit was recently serviced with worn out parts replaced and new belts installed. So it is working like new again.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Some scuff marks here and there, a slight discoloration on the master volume knob, a tiny ding on the top cover and the broken tip mentioned above. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.