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This is not something you would see very often. The NAIM Audio UnitiServe is a reference audiophile standard digital audio player/server. The sound quality is just as good as any single disc reference CD player out there but the NAIM has the flexibility and capacity to play an almost endless number of disc all from the palm of your hand. The former owner of this unit is an avid audiophile that demands the best from his components which is why you would see in the pictures, a single box unit has ballooned to a four box unit with two outboard power supply driving the system. The Teddy Pardo power supply unit is a $1,000 upgrade which powers the NAIM unit (instead of the supplied wall wart unit) and the Empirical Audio Pace Car USB combo with its own power supply reclocks the digital signal being fed from the UnitiServe before it gets re-directed into your DAC. You can run the UnitiServe directly into your DAC too but the Empirical Audio Pace Car USB makes a big difference. The Pace Car alone is a $750 upgrade. All this bell and whistle can now be had for a mere $2795 and the sound quality is on par with any CD player out there costing up to $8,000. You won’t even notice you were listening to an audio server if you weren’t told about it. If your memories about server based music as dry and lifeless, this will change that perception.

We don’t have the original boxes for them but will securely pack them for safe shipping. There are minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Optional remote control was not purchased by it previous owner because he was using his iPhone to run the system (need to download the NAIM Audio apps) or you can hook up a keyboard and mouse and run the NAIM. LCD screen you see in the pictures is not included in the sale. Only the NAIM Audio UnitiServe, Empirical Audio Pace Card USB and Teddy Pardo power supply. There are currently a fair number of albums that have been ripped into the hard disk (2 TB) which will go with the unit. You can decide later if you want to delete all or some of them.