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Considered one of the greatest FM tuners of all time, the NAT 01 and NA PST power supply has built a legion of followers who swears by it and is still among the top choice to own even after 30 years. Back in the day, $3,750 was no small change to dish out on a FM only tuner so for someone to even consider it, he or she would have to be a real hardcore radio enthusiast or have deep pockets to afford it. Even now, the combo typically fetches more than a thousand dollars and some even more than two thousand dollars. The PST has DIN outputs for an additional AM module or AUX but since the NAT 01 is a FM only tuner, only the FM power DIN socket is used.

The vacuum fluorescent display is not the greatest in a brightly lighted room (which is why the later versions were switched over to LEDs) but works fine and is clear in a dimmer setting, like the typical listening room. When an antenna is connected, that is when you understand what the fuss is all about. When a strong signal is pulled, its like listening to “vinyl” radio. This is where a signal isn’t just a signal. You get this sense of a live, holographic image of the broadcast in the room. It has a slightly more full bodied sound than our Magnum Dynalab FT-101 tuner and can trounce some CD playback machines costing up to $1,000. The NAT 01 has no memory presets and tuning is all manual via the single knob on the front. So like we mention above, if you demand the best there is and can buy into the no frills setup of the NAT 01, this is for you. Plus it is highly collectible now and a real vintage gem for the radio enthusiast. Three sets of cables are included – a DIN to RCA, 6-pin DIN and a 4-pin DIN.

Cosmetically, both pieces are in great shape. Power on knob is a bit fiddly but they have always been like this. One owner since new from a full Naim Audio setup. See our other listings for other chrome bumper preamp and monoblock amps that made up the system. The tuner will be securely packed for safe shipping.