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If you find the Naim NAIT Integrated amp oddly familiar, you are not alone. It is one of the most recognizable hifi piece in the industry. The NAIT is one of those iconic product that had such a wide reach in the hifi industry that you would see it everywhere. From magazines reviews, hifi shows and of course the hundreds of Naim dealers that had it in their showrooms, you really can’t miss it. And neither would you forget how you had your first listening session with it. You would either fall madly in love with it or walk away thinking how the Pioneer A400 (another legendary integrated amp) totally thrashed it. Of course we were the former.

The NAIT is not exactly reference standard but with the right speakers (ideally efficient bookshelves since it only outputs 13W), the NAIT had a musical charm. It was not glaringly detailed or had loads of bass slam but rather, a simple, smooth flow in its presentation. Some didn’t like how “slow” sounding it was but then again, this is not an integrated amp to serve all genre of music. It was meant to be fed vocals, jazz and light classical music. Being of simple design, it prefers music that are clean and not over the top in terms of complexity (like electronic music). The amp was recently serviced where worn out/ not to spec parts were replaced. Operating the NAIT is a bit like operating a tube amp. You need to give it around 5 mins to properly warm up and have it come to it’s optimum operating temperature to really sound good. The balance control only offers minor adjustments so we would leave that alone and just soak in the rich warm sound of the NAIT that made so many headlines in its heyday. Phono input is MM and is via the female RCA jacks. We have two cables that has a 5-pin DIN plug on one end which you could hook up a tape deck and a line input (like a CD player or tuner).

Cosmetically, the NAIT looks fair for its age. Some scuff marks here and there and on the display panel plate but looks good overall. The integrated amp will be securely packed for safe shipping.