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The conservative look and power rating (50W) is a misnomer to the actual prowess of what this Nait 5i is capable off. Its immediate competitors like Quad, Audiolab, Cambridge Audio, Arcam etc may be alternative choices but Naim Audio has a sonic quality that is different from all these brands and intimately familiar for the Naim Audio fans. Its detailed, smooth, authoritative and had impressive depth and weight that belies its “plain black box”. Like any other Naim Audio components, the Nait 5i is all about keeping it simple and focusing on the music. There are only four input buttons and a volume control on the front fascia. Just plug in your source unit, adjust the volume and then sit back and enjoy.

Cosmetically, the integrated amp is in great shape. Very well taken care off by its one previous owner. Original remote and box is included and unit will be securely double boxed for safe shipping.