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The NAC72 is a stellar preamp for the analog based system. This preamp was part of a Linn LP12 turntable and Naim NAP250 amp system running through B&W speakers. It was a simple and straightforward setup that had all the hallmarks of musicality through simplicity. The combination was one of the best we have heard. Needless to say, each of the component is a legend in its own right but having them come together in this system had a magical result. There was no clamoring to reproduce minute details like some $50,000 system but just a reassured, calm mannerism that flows smoothly from the vinyl out to the speakers. Vocals and jazz were particularly spectacular with a very intimate closed setting. Imaging was nicely placed with good depth and breadth. If you are looking for a preamp that is sharp to the cut, this is not for you. The Naim is all about enjoying music in a relaxed atmosphere. This is the system to come home to for relaxation after a hard day.

The preamp has no modern day convenience like remote control (probably didn’t see the point since this would be anchoring a top notch vinyl system and you need to get up and change tracks or records anyway) or tone controls. Focus was on area that were critical to the music, like a hefty power supply that is encased away from the sensitive signal boards and keeping the signal path simple and short. Like all Naim components, they pretty much use DIN connectors/cables. We are including a pair of DIN to RCA cable and a pair of BNC/RCA adapters so that you can use the aux input with a regular RCA cable. We ran a CD player through its aux input with fantastic result. The umbilical cord that connects the control unit to the HICAP is included. The other components from this original system, the Linn LP12, Naim NAP250 and B&W 684 speakers are also for sale in our other listings.

Cosmetically, the preamp is in very good shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Manual is included and units will be securely packed for safe shipping.