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This CDS II/XPS CD player have no equal at under $4000. The emphasis on this CD player has been strictly on its sound. By moving its power supply into a separate chassis on its own, any kind of electrical noise or interference is isolated from the sensitive DAC section of the player, And with a top loading design on a suspended deck, reading of the disc is precisely done. NAIM Audio was so confident that music reproduction is going to be at a reference level, they didn’t even offer a digital output for a separate DAC. And we are incline to agree that on its own, it is a very good player. Music was richly textured and warm. It may not have the finely detailed music retrieval of the Esoteric P-03/D-03 combo but was definitely more enjoyable on extended listening. First listen may not leave you impress but after 2 or 3 soundtracks, you will slowly grow to appreciate its relax and intimate portrayal of music and you will be reaching for more CDs to put it in.

We thoroughly enjoyed this CD player. It was supremely outstanding with vocals and jazz. Imaging was class leading and untouchable. The CDS II/XPS was a very pricey CD player when it was launched. It is not the best at above $10,000 but under $4000 now, its at the forefront for a class leading CD player. Unit is in very good condition. Very minor marks on the edges but barely noticeable. Comes with the flash remote which will control other NAIM components, DIN-RCA cable, manual, transport locking screws and original boxes.