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If you are looking for a tube preamp that is one of the best in sonic transparency, you are looking at it. The Nagra PL-L is a first class product. Superbly well built and designed, it has one of the shortest signal path found on any preamp or component. The signal coming from your source unit travels in from the left and goes out on the right to your amps with barely 12″ of travel distance. The accuracy in reproducing every musical note is its most outstanding feat. There is almost no coloration and the music that flowed out from it was so clean and unadulterated its like it was “whitewash” internally. Its ruthlessly revealing nature will thus demand a top end source unit, amplification and speakers. This unit was used in a system that had VPA monoblocks providing amplification, Esoteric P-03/D-03 combo and Wilson Audio speakers for an unmatched purity in sound.

Cosmetically, the preamp is in excellent shape with minor signs of use. External power supply unit is also in excellent shape. Original box, manual and remote included. Currently installed tubes are Gold Lion 12AT7 (1 pc) and 12AX7 (2 pcs) with less than 50 hours. Unit is universal voltage so it will work anywhere in the World.